Founder has > 40 years of International Management Experience with Fortune 500 companies in several European countries.

Based on his Management ( Prokura-Power of Attorney-) positions;

Kingdom of the Netherlands:

Koninklijke Scholten Honig - AVEBE


"HQ "at Swiss & American European HQ with;

The Upjohn Co. | The Dow Chemical Co.| Fluka Chemie |Chemische Fabrik Schweizerhal |Hoffmann La Roche,
in the Pharma-Intermediates (API) - &  Fine Chemicals segment.
(St. Gallen, Zurich and Basel City, and Buchs - Canton St. Gallen)


Bayer Chemie and Lanxess Leverkusen

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 JVS CHEMICAL CONSULT offers its worldwide network and expertise, reliability and sustainable "Tailor Made" + Short and Long Term solutions to his world wide clients