Support Sourcing alliances European Union:  Hamburg, Cologne, Rotterdam 
Support Sourcing alliances China P.R.: Henan, Honkong, Wuhan
Support Sourcing alliances Switzerland : Basel

We are supplying small, medium sized and reputed Multinational Pharmaceutical-, Diagnostic-, Synthesis- and Speciality Chemical Industries as well as Research organisations all over the world. Also other industries working in the field of Electronics, Flavor and Fragrances, Cosmetics, Agro-industrial, Nutrition, etc. belong to our valued customers.
Our Chemical Production Partners
We are cooperating on a regular basis with world leaders in Chemistry manufacturers. In addition we are also being backed up by a reliable flexible European & worldwide Synthesis Partner network, this to provide fast deliveries against sustainable Quality and very competitive pricing levels for our clients.

is our basis with our Business Partners, to ensure a discrete and trust with the objective to secure a reliable cooperation at all times !