Swiss Alliance and Sourcing
We are supplying small, medium sized and reputed Multinational Pharmaceutical-, Diagnostic-, Synthesis- and Speciality Chemical Industries as well as Research organisations all over the world. Also other industries working in the field of Electronics, Flavor and Fragrances, Cosmetics, Agro-industrial, Nutrition, etc. belong to our valued customers.
For reasons of discretion we do not list our customers!
Our Chemical Production Partners
We are cooperating on a regular basis with world leaders in Chemistry manufacturers. In addition we are also being backed up by a reliable flexible European & worldwide Synthesis Partner network. Especially with European, this to provide fast deliveries against sustainable Quality and very competitive pricing levels for our clients.
 Also for this segment we cooperate only on a NDA basis!

is our basis with our Business Partners, to ensure a discrete and trust with the objective to secure a reliable cooperation at all times !